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The Gamma Knife Team will answer your questions

  • Is my diagnosis preferably treated by the Gamma Knife
  • What is the success rate?
  • What are the possible acute, mid-term and long-term side effects?
  • Are there other treatment options?
  • The procedure in detail
  • Is there hair loss?
  • Does it cause cancer?

In general, questions on success rate and side effects have to be answered to relation to the patient’s individual general health status, size and location of the lesion, and whether previous radiotherapy had been given. Nothing can replace a face to face consultation and assessment of your clinical status, and review of all the relevant neuro-imaging data.

The Gamma Knife’s advantages are its extreme accuracy, excellent radiation protection of patient and staff, 100% dedicated to the brain and skull base, and supported by large amount of published data

Gamma Knife radio surgery does not generally cause hair loss, or neuro-cognitive damage. There is concern of radiation induced cancer. But the evidence supports the long term safety of Gamma Knife, even among children and women of child bearing age.

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