Why Brain Health Check

Brain Health

Why Brain Health Check

Your brain is the most remarkable and miraculous organ ever created. In this three pound organ contains our thoughts, emotions, imagination and the control centre for just about every one of our bodily functions.

In spite of its prominent position in our bodily heirachy, it is seldom an organ which commands much attention – until something happens! Stroke is the 3rd commonest cause of disability and death; and Alzheimer’s Disease, dementias and emotional disorders are becoming a worldwide epidemic.

In these days of high stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, doctors are increasingly confronted with patients with mental, emotional and physical symptoms relating to the nervous system. Poor memory, poor concentration, anxiety and emotional disorders are such common complaints! Do I have Alzheimer’s Disease? Do I have Parkinson’s Disease? Did I have a stroke?

The purpose of the Brain Health Clinic (BHC) is to assess one’s brain function status and to prevent the development of degenerative brain disorders.

Brain Health Check

The Brain Health check consists of:

Brain Health Questionnaire ( approximately 50 questions)

Consultation with neurologist and mental status examination

Full blood workup

MRI and MRA of the brain and neck

Other appropriate tests

At the end of the assessment one will have a further consultation with the neurologist to go through the tests results and offered advise on treatments that may be beneficial. Recommendations will also be given on dietary and lifestyle changes which will promote brain health and allow it to stay healthy and function optimally.

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